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Cloud application

Infogreen's billing software is cloud application which enables user the best experience regarding all features like speed, data security etc .

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Convenient interface

Infogreen's billing software is tested and used for many times. It has the cool and convenient features to interact with users. So it basically eliminates the need for tutorial and difficulties in using the software.

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Unique Dashboard

The crystal clear options and tools in dashboard helps user to make almost all modifications.

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Flexible extensions for your app

Billing software is flexibly designed for all the comapnies and individuals irrespective of their domains.

Special contacts view

Billing software enables user to add company/individual person as "contact". Such that any dealings with the particular "contact" can be collected together and used according to the user benefits

Additional analytical components

To any company software enables user to view the overall report about everything , which gives user to have clear view about the financial growth of the company.

Special designed report view

Software includes both single and overall report of every entries to view and print.

Too many options

Mainly designed for any company , software also includes flexible featurees like mandantory fields for entries which can be totally controlled by user itself.

Many features to discover with software

Sales order.

Software enables both company/user to receive the order . it also enables both company and customer to track the order.Tracking goes on until the product is delivered. Options like converting the order into invoice are also included.

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Record wholesome details about purchase including supplier name, taxable amount, invoice number,gst percentage etc. Searching the purchase order invlolves quick and clear details about the purchase.

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Sales/Purchase return.

Infogreen billing software records and maintains sales and purchase return data in simple manner. So that the user can view report about the returned products,which results in improvising the management part.“Balance” keeps us to remaind the balance amount to be paid/received

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Receipt and Payment.

it is always important to record and update receipt and payment in business infogreen billing software comes with various flexible options like mode of transaction, cash/credit sale,bank account involves in the transaction.

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Special features for our app

Inventory management

  Easy to manage Overall  count of existing stock.

Cash flow

Overall insights about all the financial transactions


Create new invoice and bill.

Expense records

Easy to view and update all the expenses made by the company.


Provide customers with detailed choices and updation about gst tax percentage and amount.

Business report

Overall report which shows the financial growth of company considering all the transactions.

Order tracking

Able to track the order efficiently .

Payment remainder

Remainds when the payment is overdue.

Our team support you

Kamal - Developer

Dilip - Tester


Gowtham - Database administrator


Madhumitha - UI/UX designer


Prashanna - Project manager


Namrata - Junior developer


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